Wink and Wave

Magnetic Lashes- Three styles


Magnetic Lashes!

CIARA are long light and fluffy (longest length style but thinner lashes)

KS01 are a bit thicker of a lash but shorter in length to the Ciara, these are an open eye style where the lashes taper on the inside and outside of the eye. Most natural set of the three.

AD811 are criss cross winged style. A natural subtle gradual cat eye. 

All three styles could be worn everyday. The lashes are multi use and must be soaked in eye make up remover for ten min after each use. The magnetic eyeliner comes with the lashes along with the set of tweezers to apply the lashes. The lash case should be used to store your set of lashes to keep them from getting damaged and hold in place with a magnetic ring. Great for travel! 

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